La Molina

In the early twentieth century was born also as ski recreational and sports. La Molina is one of the main protagonists of these hundred years and a ski dean State, has committed over the last hundred years for renovation, to continue being at the top of the ski and the skier to new and refurbished services, as well as to provide added value to tourism.

The first skiers

The first is that of skiers in the area is in 1908, as stated in the Bulletin of Mountain Center of Catalonia (CEC). The first and telemark skiers practiced Stemmbogen. The men were dressed like real explorers del'Àrtic, and women with skirts. Although long since the arrival of the first skiers, La Molina did not become a place frequented by skiers to the summer of 1923-1924, when the practice became popular, thanks to the arrival of the first train in 1922.

On this date in the discovery of the courts Fontcanaleta: “some extensions suaus, i sense trees plenes neu”, Described as pioneers who ventured to walk away around the train station and cross the forest of the Partridge. The reputation of the courts Fontcanaleta made in February of that year they began to celebrate the first races: the X Winter Sports Competitions of Catalonia and elscampionats.

La Molina because of its story house that the CEC was inaugurated in December 1925, and thus became the first station accommodation. L'any 1940 es va installation·La Molina up the first medical assistance service for victims in skiing State.


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